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It’s safe to say the population is finally getting more comfortable using voice prompted systems, especially as the capabilities of voice recognition continue to develop and improve. In recent years, we’ve seen speech technology truly come to life. On a daily basis we might ask Siri on our iPhone to tell us the weather, or we might call our bank and end up interfacing with an automated attendant.

But what does this technology mean for businesses? And how can you take advantage of it?

Our new educational webinar- "Speech - Transforming the Workplace" presented by Tom Minifie, Chief Technology Officer at AVST and Rich Smith, Collaboration Solutions Specialist at ConvergeOne can help answer these questions.

AVST has been successfully delivering speech technology to the enterprise market for over 15 years and they continue to build communications solutions that transform the productivity of individuals, teams, and businesses as a whole. ConvergeOne considers them a forward thinking technology company and our joint customers benefit from their consistent and reliable support.

In this webinar you’ll learn more about:

Benefits of speech recognition technology including- productivity gains, cost savings, reduction in transaction latency and operational hours > extensions
> Speech enabled automatic attendant
> Speech enabled virtual personal assistant type applications
> Outside caller interface




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Register To View The Webinar